Warning Signs

Warning Signs

How to spot foundation issues around your House

Stubborn Doors & Windows – Everyone has experienced a stubborn window at some point in time. If you notice multiple doors and windows are getting difficult to open or close this could be a sign of a foundation problem. It’s possible that your house has shifted and you need to call a professional to evaluate right away.

Musty, moldy smells in your basement? – That familiar, “basement smell” can actually be mold and mildew growing due to moisture seeping in thru cracks in your foundation. Most often, blocked gutters, poorly placed down spouts, and bad yard grading are the culprit. If gone unchecked, water can continue to cause the soil around your foundation to swell and ultimately crack your foundation walls, cause leaks and lead to serious damage. It’s important to pay attention to those “basement smells” and identify where they are coming from to prevent costly future foundation repairs. If you DO see cracks, leaks or moisture call a professional right away.

Gaps between exterior windows, doors and the façade? – Space or gaps between your homes façade and the exterior doors & windows is an indication that your foundation is shifting. It’s important you call a professional foundation repair service before water and insects work their way into those gaps and cause further damage to your property.

Bowed walls? – If your walls appear to be bowing this can be a serious warning sign that your foundation is in need of repair. When water pressure, rotting support beams or shifting occur around your foundation your home shifts. As your home shifts it creates pressure points where your home will actually push your walls in to create a slight bow appearance. This is a defininte warning sign and you should contact a foundation repair specialist immediately.

Cracks in the walls or floors? – The most telltale sign that your home is suffering from a foundation problem is cracks in the walls and floors. Many cracks are cosmetic and easily filled, and others are warning signs that more severe damage is to come. It’s important to contact a professional foundation repair specialist to check your cracks and ensure your home is sound.

Causes of Foundation Failure