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Helical Piles - (also called screw piles, helical piers, helical anchors etc) are embedded deep under your home to help distribute the weight pressing on your foundation. A properly designed & installed helical pile will secure even the largest commercial or industrial buildings.

Deep-Driven Steel Piles - A steel shaft can be driven deep into the soil under your home to distribute the weight on the weak unstable top soil that could be causing your foundation issues.

Seawall Retention System - We use Ram Jack ® for custom seawall solutions. They are one of the only companies to offer affordable permanent solutions to failed seawalls. More than that, we provide lasting solutions-not temporary "fixes" that result in future failure. The Ram Jack system can pull an existing seawall into place and lock it permanently!

Carbon Fiber Straps- Depending on the physical distortion of your basement walls, often times carbon fiber straps can be used to provide permanent stabilization of your walls.

Waterproofing - waterproofing starts with good drainage. We will review your landscaping, gutter/downspout system and property grade to help identify culprits leading water into your basement. Then install a sump pump to pump out any water that may accumulate in your basement, adding dimple board to control & guide water to a drain and finally sealing cracks in the walls & floors where water can enter your basement.

Solar Panel Support - Helical Piles can be an efficient alternative for mounting ground solar panels securely into the ground protecting your investment.

Foundation Repair Solutions

  • Helical Pile Technology
  • Deep-Driven Steel Piles
  • Seawall Retention System
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Water Proofing
  • New Construction
  • Commercial / Residential
  • Basement Wall Stabilization
  • Solar Panel Support
  • Product Lifetime Warranty