Strengthen Your Foundation

Strengthen Your Foundation

Count on us for foundation stabilization services in Londonderry, Manchester, NH and all of Southern NH

Your building needs a stable foundation. If your foundation is weak, rely on Arta Foundation Repairs for foundation stabilization services. We serve residential and commercial clients in Londonderry & Manchester, NH.

As an official installer for the premier foundation supply company Ram Jack, we have the equipment and skills needed to take on your project. You can hire us to install:

  • Foundation Stabilization

    • Using

      • Helical Pile System: Ideal for foundations built on unstable sandy or swampy soils & for smaller structures such as porches or gazebos
      • Deep driven steel piles: Perfect for foundations built on rocky or clay soils
      • Carbon Fiber Strapping: A good option for bowing walls, beams or columns
      • Wall tiebacks: Best for supporting foundations under significant hydrostatic pressure

  • Waterproofing

    • Installation of sump pumps
    • Crack filling & repairs

You can also choose carbon fiber strapping for your bowing basement columns or walls. Contact us today to find out more about structural repair and foundation strengthening.

Have questions about your foundation?

Have questions about your foundation?

You can ask us about your foundation in a consultation on structural repair or foundation stabilization services. In addition to discussing your foundation, we can inspect it and give you a free estimate. Email us right away to arrange for a free consultation.