Bowed basement walls

The most common cause for foundation walls to bow is water buildup in the backfill surrounding your foundation. This can happen when gutters or downspouts are not installed properly, inproper grading of the land around your foundation or anything that causes water to run up against your foundation walls.

When water pressure builds up in the backfill the soil, clay and gravel swell creating pressure on your walls. The first indication is bowing, then cracking. If your home was build after 1980 you most likely have poured concrete walls. A diagonal crack along starting along the top of your wall and angling back to the corner (think path of water) is a good indication you have a serious problem and should call a professional like Arta Foundation Repair.

It's not too late! If you call Arta as soon as you start to see cracks, many times the walls can be saved. There are several options to alleviate pressure in the soil or provide additional support to the foundation.